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Word Example of - opening

    Example Sentences for opening

    What wonder that they found unknown charms in the opening flowers!

    I am here only opening the fountains, and clearing the passage.

    Each side or shell is comparable to a door, opening and shutting on a hinge.

    But how did you ever guess the purpose for which it was intended or the method of opening it?

    I clung to the door firmly as I maneuvered myself through the opening.

    She cannot bear that opening of the sluices, which is a benefit and comfort to some people.

    Opening it, he thought at first that the room beyond was ordinary, too.

    When we came to a point of land, or any opening in the coast, we could tell what it was.

    There is no opening in the roof, all cooking being done in the open air in summer.

    Washburn was the first to discover the opening, and point it out to me.

Word Origin & History of - opening

    Word Origin & History

    opening "action of open (v.)," late 12c. Meaning "vacant space, hole" is attested from early 13c. Sense of "action of beginning (something)" is from 1712; meaning "first performance of a play" is 1855; "start of an art exhibit" is from 1905. Sense of "opportunity, chance" is from 1793.

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