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Word By Category: animals

  • sheep - gloom; vapor; darkness; fog; smoke; puff; smog; mist; veil; steam; pother; murk; obscurity; frost; overcast; smother; scud; haze; nebula; billow; dimness; rack; film; brume; haziness; thunderhead; fogginess; nebulosity; pea soup; woolpack; mare's tail; ol' buttermilk sky;
  • squirrel - কাঠবিড়াল
  • stag - only; unattended; unaccompanied; solo; abandoned; companionless; deserted; desolate; detached; forlorn; forsaken; friendless; hermit; individual; isolated; lone; lonely; lonesome; single; sole; solitary; unattached; unmarried; batching it; by itself/oneself; in solitary; me and my shadow; me myself and I; onliest; shag; traveling light; unaided; unassisted; unescorted; widowed; on one's own;
  • swine - hog; boar; porker; peccary; oinker; wild boar;
  • tiger - cougar; leopard; cub; lynx; feline; cat; carnivore; jaguar;
  • wolf - gulp; gobble; devour; stuff; slosh; slop; guzzle; bolt; ingurgitate; cram; gorge; swallow; pack;
  • yak - blather; prate; jabber; babble; jaw; yap; tattle; clack; chat; gossip; prattle; yammer; chatter; gab; confabulate; run on;
  • zebra - জেবরা
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