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Word By Category: business

  • merchandise - পণ্যদ্রব্য ; ক্রয় বিক্রেয় পণ্য সমাগ্রী
  • minutes - সভার কার্যবিবরণীর সারাংশ ; কার্যবৃ্ত্ত
  • notice - note; consideration; attention; care; respect; remark; observance; apprehension; regard; mind; understanding; mark; thought; heed; cognizance; grasp; ear; concern;
  • overdraft - বেশি ওঠানো টাকা ; অতিরিক্ত গৃহীত টাকার পরিমাণ
  • pay - salary; wage; fee; reimbursement; profit; stipend; compensation; income; reward; payment; allowance; bacon; satisfaction; redress; wages; settlement; proceeds; scale; pittance; honorarium; commission; perquisite; reparation; return; requital; consideration; reckoning; bread; hire; recompense; indemnity; remuneration; emoluments; takings; meed; defrayment; recompensation; stipendium; take-home;
  • payee - beneficiary; collector; consignee; casher;
  • personnel - group; people; work force; crew; cadre; troop; organization; staff; shop; corps; faculty; office; human resources; troops; workers; helpers; members; men and women;
  • plead - ask; pray; appeal; solicit; petition; beseech; importune; entreat; implore; crave; supplicate; crawl; entreaty; cop a plea; make up for; square things;
  • policy - code; management; protocol; theory; arrangement; scheme; practice; administration; rule; guideline; program; plan; behavior; action; strategy; approach; method; stratagem; polity; custom; course; design; organization; line; tenet; order; red tape; channels; the book; the numbers;
  • poster - placard; sign; billboard; sheet; banner; handbill; announcement; notice; bill; sticker; signboard; broadside; affiche; public notice;
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