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Word By Category: business

  • premium - prime; superior; choice; exceptional; select; selected;
  • promote - বর্ধিত করা ; উন্নত করা ; উৎসাহিত করা ;
  • promotion - পদোন্নতি ; উন্নতি
  • prospect - anticipation; probability; expectation; possibility; forecast; thought; chance; future; promise; plan; proposal; likelihood; hope; expectancy; presumption; contemplation; opening; calculation; odds; in the cards; irons in the fire;
  • quay - জেটি ; জাহাজের মাল বোঝাই করবার বা জাহাজ থেকে মাল খালাস করবার ঘাট
  • recruit - rookie; soldier; sailor; newcomer; trainee; volunteer; convert; tenderfoot; helper; beginner; proselyte; novice; learner; neophyte; initiate; novitiate; fledgling; greenhorn; apprentice; draftee; plebe; GI; enlisted person; new person; selectee; serviceperson;
  • reinvent - নিজেকে বা কোনকিছুকে নতুনরূপে বা নতুন সাজে উপস্হাপন করা
  • representative - rep; classic; model; classical; ideal; archetypal; evocative; exemplary; illustrative; quintessential; symbolic; delineative; emblematic; prototypal; prototypical; symbolical; adumbrative; depictive; presentational;
  • resign - relinquish; quit; waive; drop; abdicate; renounce; retire; terminate; yield; secede; leave; fold; forgo; capitulate; vacate; cede; abandon; surrender; forsake; bail out; bow out; drop out; hand over; step down; turn over; demit; cease work; divorce oneself from; end service; give notice; give up the ship; hand in resignation; hang it up; separate oneself from; sign off; stand aside; stand down; throw in the towel; walk out; wash hands of;
  • retail - খুচরা বিক্রি (করা)
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