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Word By Category: business

  • retailer - merchant; trafficker; vendor; trader; banker; merchandiser; bursar; businessperson; wholesaler; marketer; chandler; dispenser; changer; tradesperson;
  • scam - fraud; deception; blackmail; hoax; deceit; shakedown; racket; extortion; rip-off; sham; double-dealing; cheating; sting; flimflam; con; hustle; con game; dirty pool; double-cross; shell game; snow job; hosing; crooked deal; fast one; shady deal; sucker game;
  • service - duty; use; office; business; supply; assistance; work; account; benefit; maintenance; employment; utility; appropriateness; overhaul; advantage; dispensation; employ; value; labor; avail; favor; courtesy; applicability; fitness; relevance; indulgence; kindness; check; usefulness; ministration; serviceability; servicing;
  • slot - niche; space; vacancy; position; hole; groove; channel; recess; slit; cut; time; aperture; socket;
  • solicitor - barrister; counselor; lawyer; attorney-at-law;
  • speculate - guess; read; hypothesize; wonder; reflect; contemplate; weigh; ruminate; surmise; conjecture; cerebrate; consider; figure; deliberate; study; dope; muse; excogitate; brainstorm; reason; meditate; suppose; suspect; cogitate; scheme; review; head trip; figure out; guesstimate; build castles in air; call it; call the turn; chew over; dope out; have a hunch; hazard a guess; kick around; pipe-dream; psych out; read between lines; run it up flagpole; size up; beat one's brains;
  • sponsor - benefactor; patron; advocate; promoter; backer; underwriter; supporter; mainstay; angel; guarantor; surety; sustainer; godparent; another adherent; grubstaker;
  • statement - comment; announcement; remark; word; description; proclamation; explanation; affidavit; charge; allegation; testimony; report; account; presentation; assurance; dictum; communication; ejaculation; profession; manifesto; asseveration; rundown; acknowledgment; make; aside; avowal; picture; articulation; averment; vocalization; recitation; affirmation; observation; mention; recital; protestation; verbalization; narrative; relation; voice; utterance; blow-by-blow; ABCs; ventilation; presentment; communiqué;
  • stipulate - provide; require; impose; spell out; designate; specify; guarantee; covenant; slot; engage; pledge; particularize; make; detail; contract; bargain; state; settle; promise; postulate; arrange; agree; condition; name; lay down; insist upon; lay finger on; make a point; pin down; put down for; specificate; specificize;
  • sue - prosecute; file; claim; charge; indict; accuse; plead; appeal; petition; beseech; litigate; contest; beg; summon; entreat; solicit; demand; supplicate; follow up; pull up; put away; bring an action; claim damages; drag into court; enter a plea; file a claim; file suit; haul into court; have the law on; have up; institute legal proceedings; prefer charges against; see in court; take out after; take to court;
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