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Word By Category: diseases & physical condition

  • lunacy - পাগলামি ; উন্মাত্ততা
  • mad - পাগল ; ক্ষিপ্ত
  • maniac - ক্ষিপ্ত ব্যক্তি ; পাগল ; বায়ুগ্রস্ত ব্যক্তি ; উন্মাদগ্রস্ত ব্যক্তি ; যে লোগ প্রলাপ বকিতেছে ; ক্ষিপ্ত
  • leucoderma - শ্বেতী রোগ
  • pain - cramp; fever; burn; sickness; soreness; agony; irritation; wound; strain; discomfort; illness; torment; misery; twinge; ache; trouble; injury; tenderness; spasm; malady; laceration; crick; prick; stitch; torture; throb; gripe; sting; hurt; tingle; pang; affliction; catch; paroxysm; throe; convulsion; smarting; distress;
  • patient - gentle; forgiving; tolerant; calm; quiet; long-suffering; understanding; accommodating; composed; enduring; even-tempered; forbearing; imperturbable; indulgent; lenient; meek; mild; persevering; persistent; philosophical; resigned; self-possessed; serene; submissive; tranquil; unruffled; untiring; easy-going; mild-tempered; philosophic; stoical; uncomplaining;
  • piles - mountain; pyramid; chunk; lump; accumulation; hill; stockpile; hunk; mass; jumble; assortment; ocean; stack; quantity; hoard; oodles; gob; shock; drift; aggregation; conglomeration; buildup; much; bank; aggregate; mound; peck; barrel; assemblage; pack; amassment; great deal;
  • pimple - blister; blemish; lump; abscess; zit; carbuncle; spot; bump; excrescence; boil; inflammation; acne; whitehead; hickey; furuncle; pustule; papule; blackhead; caruncle; beauty spot; papula;
  • pox - social disease; herpes; gonorrhea; syphilis; STD; VD; crabs; sexually-transmitted disease; the clap;
  • short - precise; short-lived; brief; terse; condensed; fleeting; abbreviate; pointed; little; summary; bare; compendious; concise; cut short; epigrammatic; laconic; momentary; pithy; sententious; short and sweet; succinct; aphoristic; short-term; shortened; abbreviated; diminished; compressed; summarized; decreased; lessened; curtailed; undersized; boiled down; breviloquent; compendiary; curtate; cut to the bone; decurtate; in a nutshell; not protracted; unprolonged; unsustained;
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