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Word By Category: parts of body

  • skin - fur; coating; crust; surface; jacket; husk; membrane; rind; bark; sheath; integument; parchment; film; hide; pelt; outside; slough; shell; peel; hull; fell; shuck; case; casing; vellum; derma; cutis; dermis; carapace; tegument; epidermis; sheathing;
  • skull - scalp; cranium; vertex; head; mind; skullcap;
  • sole - exclusive; lone; remaining; solitary; ace; solo; separate; one; single; individual; particular; only; unique; one and only; onliest; only one; unshared;
  • stomach - পাকস্থলী ; উদর ; পেট ; ক্ষুধা
  • throat - gullet; maw; passage; gorge; esophagus; larynx; pharynx; trachea; windpipe; thorax; fauces;
  • thumb - feel; advise; greet; address; beseech; implore; tumble; propose; plead; confer; entreat; accost; consult; supplicate; appeal to; apply to; feel one out; give a play; give a tumble; make advance; make overture; make up to; sound out; speak to; take aside; talk to;
  • toe - appendage; digit; dactyl; phalanges; phalanx;
  • tongue - dialect; voice; patois; articulation; argot; utterance; idiom; discourse; vernacular; speech; lingo; parlance; expression; talk;
  • tooth - ivory; snag; tush; tusk; molar; premolar; fang; cuspid; bicuspid; incisor; eyetooth; carnassial; false tooth;
  • trachea - শ্বাসনালী
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